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Creature Cocks Lava Demon

Creature Cocks Lava Demon


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Bring this Lava Demon Dildo into your next fantasy scene! Made of firm and flexible premium silicone, it is silky smooth, plush, and phthalate-free for body-safe fun! Use your favourite water-based lubricant on this sexy dong and enjoy the tapered tip of the head, the gradually widening shaft, the rows of delicious bumps and the wrinkled, demon balls at the base! This red and black dildo is thick and seductive and perfect for solo or couple's play! Use it alone with the strong, suction-cup base; place it firmly on any flat surface and ride and bounce on it until you're fully satisfied! Use it with a partner, too! It is strap-on harness compatible and perfect for a kinky cosplay scene! After use, wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and pat dry. Store separately from other silicone toys.

Out of the core of the earth crawls a creature whose body temperature is so hot they can withstand the burning lava flows. As they creep out of the cracks in the molten earth, they surface and their body hardens to cool off once at the surface. Their body isn't the only thing that hardens; their pulsing, throbbing dong hardens as well and they only have one thing on their mind; find a mate! When you next feel the temperature in your room suddenly rising, you'll know it's from the red-hot demon blood pumping through this creature's veins as they stealthily crawl towards you. You kick off the bedsheets and strip your clothes only to feel a steaming hot, clawed hand on your thigh. Before you can scream, they have their other hand grabbing your hips and their muzzle between your thighs. You find yourself quivering and shuddering in ecstasy as their tongue explores you. Once you've gotten properly wet, they pierce your yearning hole with their shaft and you feel every, single bump and ridge as you are penetrated by their thick, hot rod.

Measurements: Overall length: 19.8 cm, Insertable length: 13.5 cm, Narrowest insertable diameter: 2.5 cm, Widest insertable diameter: 5.7 cm
Materials: Silicone
Colour: Red, Black

Key Features:

Fantasy Dildo: This thick, demon dildo with it's red and black color belongs to a creature that comes from the core of the earth and has crept from the lava fields to find its prey. With a deliciously tapered tip, a thick shaft that widens towards the base, and rows of seductive bumps along its sides, it is built to please. Near the base are wrinkled, textured, demon balls that -if you can get deep enough- you can bounce on as you ride!

Premium Silicone: Made of firm yet flexible premium silicone, this dildo is silky smooth, plush, and phthalate-free. Use only with water-based lubricants.

Suction Cup Base: Place the base on any flat surface so the suction cup can adhere and stay in place. Enjoy riding this dildo against a table, floor or wall!

Harness Compatible: Enjoy with a partner! This dildo is fully harness compatible for roleplay fun!

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