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Sex Toys - Top Picks for Men & Women

Sex Toys - Top Picks for Men & Women


Believe it or not more people are experimenting with their sex life by using Sex Toys. Sex Toys have evolved over time and are much more pleasant and easy to use these days.

While the range can be overwhelming sometimes, here we list a few must have toys for starters, be it Male or Female.


Sex Toys For Women

When it comes to women, the range is enormous. This is probably because women are not shy in using these toys and men want to please their better half by making their love / sex life more sensual and erotic.

Be it the traditional dildos, battery operated vibrators, position enhances, vibrating underwear’s – sex toys have never been so innovative and easy to use.


1. The Rabbit Revolution

The rabbit vibrators have gained huge popularity due to their dual design. They have a vibrating and rotating design made in the shape of a penis with a clitoral stimulator attached. Rabbit Vibrators are designed to give more intense sensations over the traditional dildos or clitoral stimulators as they are designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.


2. Eggs, Bullets & Balls

Small, compact and yet powerful.  The Bullets come in various shapes, sizes and modes of operation making them versatile and a must have in your bed room.

Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls have been traditionally used to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. But they are much more than that, and provide a very high degree of sexual stimulation both for men and women.

These are easy to use and can be used alone or along with someone as a foreplay.


Sex Toys For Men

For years sexual stimulation and bedroom foreplay has been centered around women. But this has changed as more women take charge and want their men to experience the same amount of pleasure as they do. Men on the other hand want to have more control over their orgasm. So here are some must have for men


1. Cock Rings

Cock rings slow blood flow out of the penis which in turn keeps the penis hard and gives a stronger erection - what guy wouldn't want that? There has also been studies (but without any scientific proof) which indicate they cock rings help delay the climax.

This is the reason, these bad guys are on top of my list


 2. Anal Toys & Butt Plugs

The use of an anal toys or prostate stimulator can evoke an amazing sensation that cannot be achieved by using hands. Anal toys can also be used for arousal, masturbation or intercourse. Anal beads are used to produce an exhilarating feeling when they are brought out of the anal region. There is a vast range available in terms of price, size, shape, stiffness and the fact that these can be used by both men and women makes them a must have in any bedroom which is looking for some adventure.


Toy Cleaners

No matter which sex toy or product you buy, if you use it more than once then some cleaning and maintenance is always recommended. Luckily these are not at all difficult to get and we do have a wide range of these in stock. Click here>>


 Feel free to leave a comment or feedback. See you until next time..

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